*FREE* 2022 Techno Essentials

12 ratings
I want this!

*FREE* 2022 Techno Essentials

12 ratings

What you hear is what you get: Only sounds from this sample pack were used to create the demo songs. All sounds as raw as they come. Some mastering for loudness was applied.

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+++ FREE +++ 2022 TECHNO-ESSENTIALS +++ FREE +++

The 2022 Techno-Essentials contains all vital elements to build the foundation of your next techno production.

From powerful warehouse kick-drums, driving noise loops to heavily textured atmo tracks and dynamic drum one-shots - everything is covered!

As a producer and live-act myself, I know the scenario very well: 

I am totally emerged in that synth-line, already seeing the crowds raising their hands and shouting as I open the filter cut-off. All I need is a groove - the right stage -  to lay beneath that synth-line.

The samples and loops I would use are exactly what you can find in this 2022 Techno Essentials sample pack.

Pack Content:

📢 64x Kickdrums
📢 76x Classic + Twisted 909 Drums
📢 19x Claps
📢 05x DFAM Basslines
📢 21x Drum Loops
📢 10x Echo Claps + Rides
📢 10x FX Impacts
📢 24x Hihats + Rides
📢 09x Noise Hi Hat Loops
📢 20x Reverbed Percussions
📢 31x Synth Lines
📢 14x Textures, Atmos + Pads
📢 Genre: Techno, Dark, Underground, Berghain, Warehouse, Tech-House, Dub Techno, ...
📢 100% Royalty Free
📢 Cover Art, Demos Songs

300+ WAVE-files recorded in 24bit @44.1kHz on a high-class RME audio interface for maximum impact and clarity.

This sample pack is perfect for producers and live-acts who feel at home in the genres: Techno, Deep Techno, Tech House, Minimal, Dub Techno, Melodic Techno, Raw Techno, Peak Time Techno and more.

Download now!

Feel free to share this pack and the music you've created with it, but please include a link to technosupps.gumroad.com

How to get this pack for free? No Gumroad account required!

Just enter '0' into the payment field and hit 'I want this!'.

This is a free sample, however it would mean a ton if you'd enter a price that you feel cool with for the work that went into creating it.

Hardware Instruments & FX used:

+ Access Virus Ti + Moog DFAM + Elektron Analog Four MK2 + Elektron Octatrack MK2 + Elektron Syntakt + Roland TR8S + Ventris dual Reverb + Empress Echosystem + Oto Machines BOUM + Nord Lead 2 + Nord Drum + Jomox MBase 01 + Jomox XBase 888

I want this!

300+ roylatiy free, hand-crafted Techno samples

24bit @ 44.1kHz
236 MB


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